Bye Bye Polaroid

It's been a sad day today. I realised that Polaroid is no more. An institution in photography, not just for it's convenience and fun; but also creating a whole new genre in photography with its unique format, and somewhat etherial picture quality.

"The final batches of Polaroid film pass their expiry date on September 30 2009. When these supplies either spoil or run out, the world will lose something special."

This passing is being documented by My Last Polaroid, a poignant website dedicated to showcasing your last ever photo taken on Polaroid film. I've still got a few photos left to take, but you can be sure my last one will be special, and I'll post it up there.


DIY Dock

Here's a clever (and cheap!) alternative to those expensive Apple iPod/iPhone docks by Julien Madérou... Just get your scissors out!


Pretty Amazing

Well that's what I think of this work by Jan Vormann.

Part of an ongoing project, Dispatchwork sees Jan travelling the world to 'repair' cities with the humble Lego brick. Places that have been 'playfully conquered' (as he puts it) so far include Bocchignano, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgrade, Arnsberg and St. Petersburg. And he has plans to do more... you may find one of these little wonders near you soon!


E17 Art Trail

I caught up with a couple of of friends of mine this weekend to see what they had been up to. It would appear quite a lot! As part of the annual E17 Art Trail held in and around London's Walthamstow they have built this fantastic installation in their back garden.

Sonya Sabbagh, a print maker/artist and Jade Myrie, who studies carpentry, have created a collaborative sculpture installation made from wood collected around the Walthamstow area, which also incorporates etchings and works on paper. It will be interesting to see how the installation evolves as it weathers the elements and becomes part of the surroundings in which it is built. Not to mention how the snails continue to take to it...