The Flat Earth Society

Here's a little project I've dug out from a few years ago. It's a mockumentary made at university with my good friend and brilliant illustrator; Tom Forman.

A public educational film about the real-life organisation; The Flat Earth Society. Everything stated in this film is based on what the society actually believes, we've not had to make up any of the 'facts'!



This pretty much sums up Bestival 2008 for most people; mud, rain and scenes not dissimilar to something from the Somme. Despite this, everyone I know who went had a great time, brilliant music and amazing costume efforts. 

So did I, but of course, me being me, some of my favourite things I saw this weekend were on the ferry over:


Pleased to meet you...

Hello, and welcome. I've expanded my internet savviness and I've jumped on the blogwaggon.

It's a way of keeping you updated on my work, play and anything I generally like.

So whilst my website is 'under construction' (clearly by some stereotypically lazy tea-drinking builders), this is where you can see my most up to date stuff.