Let's Tessellate - Courtesy of Laura Brown

An ode to that special someone... Or just a geeky maths related joke? Well, a bit of both probably!

This is the latest print by artist and designer Laura Brown, who just happens to be the other half of collaboration, BrownFerrari. Watch this space for more news; exciting things are a-brewing!


From Iceland with Love

Wow. Iceland. A beautiful country with amazing countryside. Leave the capital, Reykjavik and looks like you're on the moon. Craters and mountains. Not to mention a few geysers. A great chance to try out my new camera. Reykjavik is a great city too. Small as it is, it's buzzing with culture and creativity. And of course quite a few cool bars and shops to be enjoyed.


Life's Essentials

Aren't these little shakers beautiful? David Shrigley has used his classic dark humour to give a twist to these everyday items. You can pick them up now at the Concrete Hermit shop.