Tessellation from the Nation

...Of Morocco that is. I got a quite into all the beautiful tessellating patterns in Morocco whilst I was there recently. They're hard to miss as they adorn almost every surface, be it floor, wall or ceiling. A traditional style, yet the colourfulness and geometric patterns are echoed in all walks of contemporary design.


Matchbox Heaven

I've recently been salivating over this beautiful collection of Eastern European matchboxes on Flickr. Mainly from the 50's and 60's, these small wonders contain beautiful detail and communicate so much so simply. The bold, colourful design will definitely be inspiring me soon...



A recent dream holiday to Morocco and photographic opportunities everywhere. From the seaside town of Essaouira to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains, the sights, sounds and smells were a treat to the senses. I am so going back to this country.